Friday, November 30

Dinner at Ming Chuen Kee, Sec. 17 (revisited)

When I crave for home cooked food, I will think of Ming Chuen Kee @ Sec. 17, PJ. You really need to have patience if you want to eat here. It takes a while before you food is served therefore if you are in a rush or extremely hungry, you are advised to "stay cool".

("Shie Yau Chau Seik Phan")

(Khai Lhan)

This was the first time I ordered "Theen Khai" here. It tasted really good and unlike some places, the "Theen Kai" is really big and full of meat.

(Kyiung chung theen khai)

(Zoomed in)

Dinner for 2 pax came to RM 50.10 . I will definitely come back for the "Theen Khai" again!

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