Friday, November 30

Dinner at Ming Chuen Kee, Sec. 17 (revisited)

When I crave for home cooked food, I will think of Ming Chuen Kee @ Sec. 17, PJ. You really need to have patience if you want to eat here. It takes a while before you food is served therefore if you are in a rush or extremely hungry, you are advised to "stay cool".

("Shie Yau Chau Seik Phan")

(Khai Lhan)

This was the first time I ordered "Theen Khai" here. It tasted really good and unlike some places, the "Theen Kai" is really big and full of meat.

(Kyiung chung theen khai)

(Zoomed in)

Dinner for 2 pax came to RM 50.10 . I will definitely come back for the "Theen Khai" again!

Thursday, November 29

Woohoo ... chinese drama and movies online!

I was chatting with JL online today and she suggested I checkout Crunchyroll. For the die-hard fans of TVB/ Korean/Japanese dramas, watch them online now (for FREE or course!)

(Kung Fu Hustle)

(Various dramas at your selection)

Glue yourself to the screen this weekend to catchup with all the dramas and movies. JL, thanks JL for the link! If you want to watch english movies and drama, just switch to PPstream.


Wednesday, November 28

When we were younger ....

I attended VV's pre-school graduation gala some weeks ago with Kate. It was all fun and laughter seeing the kids enjoying themselves and performing. We had a great time and I was so busy taking photos and videos of these bunch of kids. Looking back at these photos actually made me think back about being younger ...... (excuse me, not that I am very old!).

Being around kids is fun. There are less complicated than we are. They do and say things that you least expect and although it does not make any sense, we still laugh about it.

(VV is now a masters degree graduate)

(What a cuteeee girl)

(Cheeky smiles = something's up their sleeves)

(The natural stage performers)

(The sweet memories)
(The apprentice)
Looking at the whole bunch of photos I took during the gathering of these "mischievous" bunch, I suddenly had the urge to look back in time. So I search high-and-low for my library of photos and found a picture of myself, almost 22 years ago, in Genting Highlands! Wah lau ... I had no recollection of this at all!

I laughed as I went through the rest of the pictures. It's just so nice to stop and go back in time. Take it slow and have a nice day.

Monday, November 26

Was on leave on 22/11/07 (PART 2)

It was an expensive leave. For not going to work that day, I ended up spending RM 1,500.

(LVMH office in Wisma Central - Jalan Sultan Ismail)

(Service "menu")

I needed to get my one and only watch fixed. It feels weird walking around with a watch which shows the same time throughout the day. So I changed the battery and got the techinician to clean my watch.

Finally, I can tell the time!

Since it was nearby, I went to collect my tickets.

On the way, I stopped by a Mahjong shop. I have been searching for a mahjong table for weeks and most tables I saw were quite "ciplak". So I asked around until my friend - DC told me "a mahjong table is an investment. You must buy the high-end-auto-arrange kinda table. Then you can win more."


Anyway, I googled his suggestion and guess what I found:

DC - Please attention your cheque to me ok? Thanks!

My car finally hit "puberty" stage. It clocked 100,000 km and according the "guidelines", some major spare-part-partying needed to be done, so I payed RM 1,350 to celebrate.

So who says going on leave does not cost you a cent?

Sunday, November 25

Bak Kut Teh - Restaurant Ban Lee, Jalan Ipoh

I was deciding either Bak Kut Teh or "dai-chow" for dinner. Finally I decided on Bak Kut Teh. It has been quite a while since I visited Restaurant Ban Lee at Jalan Ipoh.

This place is famous for its charcoal cooked Bak Kut Teh. Business hours start from evening till about 3am. It is more crowded after midnight than during dinner time!

Anyway, for 2 pax, this is what we ate for RM 28.60

(Oyster sauced steam "poh-leh-sang-choi)

(Chu-chang + Chu-tooh)

The soup was really good. Not too salty or porky. The meat was tender and soft with fair amounts of "fat" or "fei-yok".


Parking is a problem here. You either park in-front of the shop (with yellow lines) and look out for Police (the police station is just opposite!) OR park and walk about 2 mins aways. If you go late (like I did at 10pm), some of the "organs" will be finished.

Location: It is located at Jalan Ipoh, corner shop next to Dynasty Hotel, opposite the Police Station.

Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant

I decided to treat myself to a Japanese Buffet lunch today after the agonizing therapy session with PE (after results as expected according to her). Kate and I went to Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant in Damansara Utama. The buffet is only available from 11.30am - 2.30pm on weekends.

We reached at 12.30noon. Walked in and we were ushered to our table. (Do call for reservations to avoid disappointment)

The ambience and setting is very relaxing and soothing. Only one thing kept me puzzled ... How can a Japanese buffet on a Sunday afternoon be so quiet? There were 2 floors and the amount the tables occupied is only a handful. Funny right?

(Side tables)

(Tatami room)

So we started with our orders.

(California hand roll)

(Sashimi - Tako, Salmon & Shiro Maguro)

The assorted Sashimi was fresh and it was served in a generous cut size.

(Nicely cut, thick slice of fresh salmon)


Luckily we ordered Edamame. It takes quite a while for the dishes to be served but the good thing is the dishes are hot (unlike Rakuzen where some were only luke warm or cold). So while we waited, we "walup" the green soy beans.


(Assorted sashimi - Ika, Suzuki & Kanpachi)

(Salmon skin handroll - without gohan)

We ordered a range of Hand Rolls, all without Gohan or rice.

(Saba Shioyaki)

The Saba grilled fish was the highlight. It was juicy and fresh.


Grilled chicken gizzard was really salty.

(Soft shell crab)

(Tofu steak)

(Tempura Mori)

(Kani Unatama Maki)

We were recommended to try this dish - fried unagi with tamagoyaki or egg omellete. We couldn't tell if it was really good because we were quite full when this dish was served.

(Salmon miso soup)

Damn kau "hum". This is miso soup with a variety of mushrooms and salmon.

Overall, the buffet selection is not as extensive as Rakuzen, but good enough to have to you enjoy a good spread of Japanese dishes. Just remember that dishes are served in a slower manner therefore, you may have to wait. Service is good and if you have HSBC Credit Card, there is an additional 10 -15% discount on ala-carte orders.

Address: Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant No 49G,Jalan 21/37 ,Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. Tel No: 03-7726 4410

A paracetamolic for the past 5 years

"Hi. My name is A.G and I am a paracetamolic. It's been 4 days since my last dose."

Yes, I am referring to the simple painkilling medicine used to relieve mild to moderate pain. It's temporary but effective, not until recently since my threshold for pain has lessened. But before I proceed further, I want to extend my gratitude towards the creaters of PANADOL.

"You have always been there for me every step of the way since in joined the workforce. Although I do not agree with your pricing (which is bloody expensive for a pack of Actifast 48 tablets), but your distribution of product is excellent! I have purchased it at mamak stalls, petrol station, magazine stalls and cigarette kiosk - by the road side. I only wished you put more innovation into your product line. You may consider introducing different flavors or different attractive colour tablets for different levels of pain. Your previous product innovations from the ordinary pills to Actifast was a great milestone for me. Your consistent marketing/advertising efforts have also coverted me into a loyal consumer and everytime when my head spins, I think of you. Finally, from all the organs of my body, I wish to say Thank You."

Many people around me disagree with my habit of popping pills (paracetamol) whenever I have a headache. Honestly, I do value your concerns and hear you most of the time but I can't help it. The pain bothers the hell out of me and it spoils my whole day.

I was told that taking too much paracetamol will damage your liver - I agree.
I read that drinking 1 or 2 can of isotonic drinks or mixing it with water will help balance the electron/Ion imbalance in the brain - Tried, tested and disagree!
I also tried submerging my feet in a basin of warm water - Tried, tested and disagree!

Don't laugh. Now, any other funny suggestions?

So do I have an option? Previously - no, NOW - YES (I hope). My colleague recommended me to try Lymphatic Therapy, layman terms means a massage performed by a lymphatic drainage therapist.

Lymphatic drainage is a type of therapy that helps the body produce a free-flowing lymphatic system. A lymphatic drainage massage focuses on specific lymph nodes and points of the body, as well as the natural flow of the lymphatic system. Proponents of lymphatic drainage believe that the process will reduce blockages of the lymphatic system, which in turn promotes a healthier body.

So I went to Plaza Mont Kiara for my 2pm appointment. P*****E, my alternative answer to my headache, greeted me with a big smile and we started chatting.

PE: Ok, tell me your problem.
AG: Headache lor...
PE: I see, how frequent?
AG: At least once a week
PE: You are not as bad as my client, a lady which consumes up to 8 panadols a day.
AG: (MCH, got people take 8 a day ah? kow kow man!)
PE: Ok, for today, I shall do a lymphatic drainage massage for you and this treatment may have to be done for a few weeks. Some people may feel better immediately and some may only see results gradually.
AG: Ok.

(Entered the therapy room. I see a bed and towels)

PE: Take off your clothes and lie face down.
AG: Top half only right?
PE: Top half, bottom half and your underwear.
AG: (Blushing)... Err... Ok.

The therapy went on for about 90 minutes. During the 90 minutes, it felt like I was being butchered by two chefs who was preparing dinner. It was a bittttt painful and soar.

So when I returned home, I wanted to wash off the lotion that was all over me. I looked into the mirror.

Niameh ... like I got runned over by a motorcycle. Better still, after a close analysis again, it looked like this.

PE: Next week same time, same day ok?
AG: Errr...Ok..but same thing?
PE: Yeah. But will include Acupuncture.
AG: Needles??!! Pain ah?
PE: Very small needles, like ant bites.
AG: Really? Poke where?
PE: Around your head
AG: Ok. How much for today's therapy?
PE: RM 120.00
AG: Thank you.
PE: See you next week.

I ended my therapy session feeling a lot lighter on my shoulders, neck and head. I was told I had a lot of wind and heat.

While writting this blog, my back feels like an after effect of sunburn. Ouchhh....!