Saturday, November 17

"Shockalingam" Taiwanese Noodle lunch

I have visited this place more than I can remember. Everyime I crave for a "noodle" lunch, I will drive myself to Taiwan Noodle House in Ampang Point.

If you go during lunch time on weekdays, you will have to wait. They have renovated the place and have added more seats (located along the walkway in the mall).

(Tables and chairs placed along the walkway)

This place serves the best (in my opinion) noodles. A variety of choices are available. It's not so oily, clean, generous in their serving and the soup is hot till you finish your bowl of noodles.

I ordered Beef Soup Noodles. It came with a good serving of vegetables and chunks of beef.

(Beef Soup Noodles)

Kate (gf) ordered Chicken Soup Noodles. Dry noodles (kon loh) is available but Kate says it's nothing compared to the ones that comes with soup.

(Chicken Soup Noodles)

To enjoy your bowl of noodles here, you MUST accompany it with the chilli paste and salted spicy vegetables. Remember, you MUST! It's amazing how it "turns on" your taste buds and make you wanna eat the whole bowl.

I was so obsessed with the chilli and vegetable that once the waitress told me that if I ordered anymore, I would have to pay.....B***h.

(Result of sweating from the nose and forehead)

I was told by the "See Tau Poh" that they have 2 more outlets: Ampang Baru and KLCC (this is not as wholesome as what you get here in Ampang Point).

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