Saturday, May 3

Something is different about this Wanton Noodle

Somehow it's true. I have to agree with fellow floggers who gave two thumbs up for the wanton noodle at Hung Kee Restaurant.

Tucked along a row of old shoplots along Jalan Loke Yew, you will find Hung Kee occupying 2 shoplots (1 with ac and 1 w/o ac).

The crowd seems to pour in at any hour of the day, mainly for the Wanton Noodles.

I hearsay that the noodles are homemade and fresh. The thick black sauce used (which seems ordinary by the naked eye) enhances the taste and aroma of the whole dish.

Do not underestimate the "small" serving of each plate as it can be quite feeling. You have a choice of the ordinary topping (char siew) or you may choose "siew yuk", "siew ngap" and etc. I'd say stick to the original "char siew".

The servings here are also very generous. The proportion of ingredients are satisfactory and the wantons are the "killers". It's so porkly that I hardly tasted prawn meat inside. Unfortunately, I was too slow in taking the wanton photos as it went straight in the mouth.

If you have the appetite and wish to try, go for the additional order of "shui kao" or dumpling.

Can't you see how worthwhile each dumpling is? The "shui kao" is porky and fullfiling.

If you decide not to eat in, you can always take-away. It's funny as they don't give you your take-away order in the usual way (transparent plastic). Its wrapped like nasi lemak style complete with the chilli (it was damn good), wanton and noodles.

It taste even better eaten at home.

Caution: Been here a few times, make sure you repeat yourself with your orders. One outing I had which I ordered wanton noodle "tambah shui kao", it came without the wanton.

Oh yea, they also serve other dishes like chicken/duck rice, fried noodles and etc.

Directions: Get onto Jln Loke Yew, Cheras. It is opposite the DBKL flats (yellow and maroon colored), right under the overhead bridge. Not sure about business hours but can try from 10am - 7pm.

Hope you enjoy your wanton and noodles ..........



Kenny Mah said...

Welcome back! Been missing the "BURRPP" at the end of each post... and trust me, filling it may be, I can still finish two-three servings of that delish wantan mee! ;)

Alex said...

Hi Kenny, YOU SURE AH? My record is 1 half and I was bloated! Cheers!

Kenny Mah said...

Sure I'm sure... you should see my love handles and then you believe how terrible I can be at walloping food. Hehe.