Thursday, October 25

Jap food turned local dishes

I did not go to Umai-Ya Jap-Buffet last weekend becuase I attended a wedding (should not have cancelled the Jap-Buffet!)

(in case you were wondering, this is wasabi)

We arrived earlier than the guest-of-honor, sat on a VIP table (was given the c**k stare by other VIPs), was rejected from taking VIP food. Anyway, i peeked at the food, no diff laaa....what's so VIP about it?

The arrangement looked buffet style but serving was limited to only 1 chicken, 1 small prawn and a small scoop of beef rendang.

The only help-yourself-and-eat-all-you-can was the sambal ikan bilis! No offense but I thought it was REALLY self service. Below are some pics of what was served (2% the amount seen in pics, and pics are not taken from the wedding, it's google-ed)

(Beef rendang)

(Chicken rendang)

(Sambal udang)

(Salted fish)

Will call Umai-Ya again for a real Sunday lunch!

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