Thursday, October 11

Sally Yeh concert

To be honest, i have only attended 3 concerts so far: Jacky Cheung (1990 something), Rain (don't laugh!) and Sally Yeh (she is hot).

Learnings from going to concerts:
- It does not start on time
- People scream for nothing, you tend to scream along
- Parking is a headache
- No food/drinks allowed. Buy from the entrance (cunning b****rds!)
- Leaving the concert is like getting stuck in Jalan Sultan Ismail
- Uncomfortable seats
- No cam/camcorders (Mobile phones are now 2mb+ lar my friend)


Summary of Sally's concert in Jan 2007.
- 2 wardrobe change
- 3 hours concert
- 20+ songs
- amazing vocals
- lousy security (i bought cheapest tickets but ended up in VVIP area)

Isn't she lovely?

Great view eh?

Game time

(basket! Got a better picture of camwhore - Billy Yeh )


Anonymous said...

She is a bomb! Nice pics

Wacky WeiLee said...

OMG, but you hate bananas! :P