Sunday, November 18

Air Panas, Setapak - weekend wet market

Kate and I went to the wet market in the morning to "stock up" for the week. Hope to have time to cook up a feast for the both of us next week. The cooking was easy, the cleaning was the hardest part.

Before we begin, we had to fill our stomachs and the curry noodles here is amongst the best I have tasted.

This kopitiam is located opposite to the side-entrance to the wet market. You will not miss it as delicious steamed chicken at a stall by the entrance.

The famous breakfast: Curry Noodles with kampong chicken. The curry is really good with sufficient "santan", generous amount of "see hum" and juicy and tangy kampung steamed chicken.

Kate had the "hor fun" kampung chicken noodle. The soup was delicious and the steamed kampung chicken was yummy.

For a great start on a Sunday, this cost us only RM 6.80

Here is the map (click to enlarge).

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