Monday, November 19

Ipoh road trip (months ago)

Kate and I went to Ipoh for a friend's wedding. On the next day after the wedding, we decided to eat from breakfast till dinner hehe .... of course that did not happen.

We decided to try the famous dim sum in Restaurant Foh San. Actually, this is my 2nd time here. I can only remember how big the prawns in the "hah kau" was.

It was crowded on a Sunday morning. After waiting for 15 mins, we got our seat. Due to the crowd, everyone had to self-serve.

I have to admit. My entire Sunday was eating but I did not take all the photos as planned. The food looked too good to resist and I wasted to no time "chowing" it down....muahaha.

A few minutes walk away is a well known "tau-fu-fah" stall. When I was there, the shop has yet opened and there was already a queue. So I jalan-jalan go buy other stuff and when i returned the queue was much longer.

My impression before visiting this shop was it would be the typical Soy Bean outlet, with chairs, fan, tables and etc. In return, the size (width) of this shop lot was as small my my maid's room! But business was really good.

So Kate and I tried the "mix" (tau fu fah + tau cheung shui). Shokalingam!

The tau fu fah was so gentle and tangy that we wanted to eat more but we did not. We needed to safe space for more food.

Next stop was the famous "Ma Da Liu Curry Mee". We arrived at 11am. Again, had to queue and it was raining.

We got our seat (shared with an older couple). So as any typical customer would do is walk towards the "boss" and place my order. KNN, in return, he ask me to sit down and wait. He will take my order when he is ready. MCH.

So we waited lah. 20 - 35 minutes later, he came to take our order. The delicious curry noodles was served in 10 minutes. (Once again, I knew i wanted to capture the moment, but i did not...sorry).

The curry noodles was indeed different. It had a more spicy and "more curry powder" taste.

The 3 makan stops ended at almost 1pm. Stomachs were bloated. We failed to find the "yong-tau-fu" at the "tai-shueh-tau", but I know I will be back.

Location: If you can find Foh San, most of the eateries are hearby. Restaurant Foh San is located at: No. 2, Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar (used to be known as the Ozbourne Street).

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