Sunday, November 18

Ketam Steamboat, Damansara Jaya

A few collegues and myself went to this place for dinner. It was recommended for the freshness of the seafood, but a little pricey.

We chose the famous "herbs soup".

We ordered a set for 4 pax and added on prawns and fish.

(The hyperactive prawns)

(The usual ingredients)

(Fresh fish)

(Scallop, oyster and thinly-sliced-abalone)

Our dinner

(The famous so only)

Overall: The service and ambience is satisfactory. Thumbs up for the freshness of seafood. Ended of paying RM 30 per pax .... there were 4 of us.

Location: Was so busy eating and forgot about the address. It is located in Damansara Jaya. Drive along past the old Projet. It is located on the opposite amongst the housing area. You cannot miss it.

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