Sunday, November 18

The most talked about Chilli Pan Mee

Most food bloggers have reviewed the famous Chilli Pan Mee in KL town. I have visited it a few times and a few more times hehe...

(The "shockalingam" chilli, without you the Pan Mee is incomplete)

My amateur-ish photo taking caught the eyes of the "boss" and he yelled "Leng chai, hmm hor yee ying siong, hmm koi" or (in english: Hey handsome, don't take my photo coz I have not put on my mascara).

Kate ordered the soup version of the pan mee. The noodles did not really go well with the soup, better off with the dry version.

(Da Bomb)

And they say, whatever goes in must come out. The side effect of such a delicious breakfast is a visit, erm .. a few visits to feed the ever hungry "toilet bowl".

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