Tuesday, November 20

My 1st time ....

Yes. Believe it or not, it was my first time.

Visiting K.K, on business not holiday.

No-frills flight is really boring.

I checked in at Radius International Hotel in KK. This hotel is only a few months old. It's located above Warisan Square, a trendy shopping mall. Thank god for that I found my Starbucks!

This "boutech" hotel concept is interesting.

Comfy bed and in-your-face plasma TV.
Open your window and you have "wah-laa" ... landscapping!

The morning before I left K.K, I walked nearby from the hotel to a corner shoplot to try the Kuching Laksa.
It is indeed different from the normal laksa. This one has an undescribed delicious taste of curry and prawns. Really worth my RM 4.00.

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Damien C said...

You could have gotten some air stewardess to pose with the plane right? It will complete the picture! >.<