Tuesday, November 20

Dinner at Ming Chuen Kee Seafood, Seks. 17, PJ

I have visited this restaurant a few times and I finally remembered to take pictures this time. This restaurant serves delicious home cooked food and is normally packed from 7pm - 9pm daily. A lot of students and working adults do come here for dinner thanks to the variety of dishes and seafood offered.

It was a simple dinner with Kate, so we ordered 3 dishes.


"Si-yau-ha" or soya souce prawns

And for a well balanced dinner, the vegetable must be in the menu. Steamed "kai-lan" with anchovies.

If you are familer with PJ Seks. 17 area, this restaurant is located opposite Honda (used to be Philips Lighting office).

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Damien C said...

You could have asked Ah Mooi to pose with the name card, then you would have at least one complete picture! (=

Aight dude, that's it for tonight!