Wednesday, November 28

When we were younger ....

I attended VV's pre-school graduation gala some weeks ago with Kate. It was all fun and laughter seeing the kids enjoying themselves and performing. We had a great time and I was so busy taking photos and videos of these bunch of kids. Looking back at these photos actually made me think back about being younger ...... (excuse me, not that I am very old!).

Being around kids is fun. There are less complicated than we are. They do and say things that you least expect and although it does not make any sense, we still laugh about it.

(VV is now a masters degree graduate)

(What a cuteeee girl)

(Cheeky smiles = something's up their sleeves)

(The natural stage performers)

(The sweet memories)
(The apprentice)
Looking at the whole bunch of photos I took during the gathering of these "mischievous" bunch, I suddenly had the urge to look back in time. So I search high-and-low for my library of photos and found a picture of myself, almost 22 years ago, in Genting Highlands! Wah lau ... I had no recollection of this at all!

I laughed as I went through the rest of the pictures. It's just so nice to stop and go back in time. Take it slow and have a nice day.

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