Monday, November 26

Was on leave on 22/11/07 (PART 2)

It was an expensive leave. For not going to work that day, I ended up spending RM 1,500.

(LVMH office in Wisma Central - Jalan Sultan Ismail)

(Service "menu")

I needed to get my one and only watch fixed. It feels weird walking around with a watch which shows the same time throughout the day. So I changed the battery and got the techinician to clean my watch.

Finally, I can tell the time!

Since it was nearby, I went to collect my tickets.

On the way, I stopped by a Mahjong shop. I have been searching for a mahjong table for weeks and most tables I saw were quite "ciplak". So I asked around until my friend - DC told me "a mahjong table is an investment. You must buy the high-end-auto-arrange kinda table. Then you can win more."


Anyway, I googled his suggestion and guess what I found:

DC - Please attention your cheque to me ok? Thanks!

My car finally hit "puberty" stage. It clocked 100,000 km and according the "guidelines", some major spare-part-partying needed to be done, so I payed RM 1,350 to celebrate.

So who says going on leave does not cost you a cent?


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i rather work then..i thought u spent 1k5 on ur watch..pray that mine wont break down hahaha...

Alex said...

yeah..thats what i thought! haha

tankiasu said...

Kakaka...well at least you can afford all those stuff. Me take leave but no $$ to spend. :-P