Thursday, November 22

Yeah! On leave on 22/11/07

The happy thoughts about not going to work for a day does not seem to last long. I always wished that I could have an uninterrupted day to myself .... no phone calls, no office emails, no errants to run and all I do is laze around the house the whole day glueing myself to the endless variety of channels on Astro.

But...I already have a list of things to do.

Like all men, I give my car a lot of attention. I am never late for a scheduled service (this time I am). My appointment tomorrow is at 8.15am. I have to be kiasu because everytime I service my car, it would take about half-a-day (hope to get it done by 12 noon) and if you are #32, your car will be ready by 6pm.

I will be going to collect the Jolin Tsai concert tickets (which is way overdue).

I would have to make a trip to LVMH at Central Plaza to get my watch fixed. As you can see, my watch stopped on 19th Nov 2007 at 8.45am. I love this watch, my only watch.

At this moment, I am researching on how to create a forum for the condo that I am staying now. Why? Tell you later. Let me go figure out how rocket science is it to create a forum.

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Damien C said...

I suggest you get a girl to pose beside your car. It will complete the picture! =D