Wednesday, November 21

Mizu Japanese Fine Dining - TTDI Plaza

I had lunch at Mizu today. It was my first visit here.

The restaurant was nicely decorated. This is the picture of the entrance.

While I ordered my set lunch, "starters" were served. It is a dish with a combination of boiled eggs, mashed potatos and some "greens".

The set lunch I ordered comes with Chawanmushi. As usual, I ate everything then thought of taking photos. Everyone knows about this Japanese Steamed Egg Custard. It was soft and smooth unlike those that I have eaten before.

Next came Eihire. It is a salty deep-fried stingray served with some kind of sweet mayonnaise. Yummy! Not many Japanese restaurants actually serves this.

Then came the Assorted Sashimi Set. The slices of the fish were generously big.

I was recommended to try Fois Gras Daikon.

I preferred the one served at Cafe-Cafe.

Within the set lunch was a fruit desert (topped with sago). Yummy!

Overall: It was a nice place to have a quiet lunch but suprisingly it was kinda empty during lunch time.

Here is the direction to Mizu.

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Damien C said...

Can you have the sushi posed on some girl? It will complete the picture! =D