Wednesday, December 5

Black, smelly, ugly ... but delicious

Is it really true that the Chinese is good at eating and they eat almost everything under the sun? I think of Bak Kut Teh and we savour all the "spare parts", think of chicken also the chinese "wallup" all the liver and heart.

We are so good at eating not to mention even an egg that is in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime and rice straw for several weeks. Yes, I am talking about the century egg of better known as "Phei Than".

I love eating "Phei Tan". The egg yolk has a creamy, strong aroma and an almost cheese-like flavor. The egg white pulak has a gelatinous texture similar to cooked egg white, but has very little taste. Best eaten with pickled ginger. "Shokolingam"!

There is a myth that says century eggs were prepared by soaking eggs in horse urine. How creative can that be? Off all urine, why the horse? Why not the pig? or Donkey? Well, I googled it at it seems to be a persistent myth with no evidence, but what the heck, it still taste good irregardless of where it came from.

I was craving for a dose of "Phei Tan" so I walked over to the nearest Giant and bought a pack of 4 (about RM5.00). It is more expensive than the ones that I normally get from the weekend wet market. The quality and taste is much better than the ones in Giant.

Anyway, to eat this weird-looking-but-delicious-at-the-same-time egg, you must 1st wash off all the dirt and then crack it like how you eat a hard boiled egg.

Once finished, it will look something like that.

It may not look appetizing but BELIEVE me .... it will only taste better in your mouth!

It is hard to slice it with the ordinary knife, therefore you can consider using a thread, YES, a thread to cut the "Phei Tan".

Chill it for a while and savour it. It's the best snack ever when you are hungry. Be sure to wash your mouth with mouthrinse or else others will die smelling your breath! Don't say I didn't tell you.


Precious Pea said...

Yumz...lovely with pickled ginger!

Alex said...

yeah ... but i was out of pickled ginger therefore had to eat like that ... still taste darn good! hahaa