Wednesday, December 5

"Shokolingam" Frog Porridge + Wong Ah Wah bbq chicken wings

I have been to this place many times. The only specialty they have here is the spicy-hot-yummilicious-frog-porridge!

This stall is located in Jalan Alor. You will not miss it as it is towards the tail-end of the street.

While waiting for the frog porridge to be served, be sure to try the Wong Ah Wah "Siew Khai Yiek" or BBQ chicken wings (located at the end of Jalan Alor).

The "kung poh" style frog is eaten with porridge. If you can't eat spicy, be sure to tell them or else you will end up with Angelina Jolie lips! If you do not utter anything, its is by default spicy. You can also choose to order the ginger frog version but it is nothing compared to the spicy version.

The porridge served is tastless. You would need to mix it with the "kung poh" frog gravy.

The "Kung Poh" frog gravy is a mixture of lotsa oyster sauce and grinded chilli.

The frog's meat is tender and juicy. It is also huge, like a chicken wing! Hahaha .... It makes it even easier and more fulfilling to eat!

Frog porridge for 2 is RM 28.00. Business starts from 6pm till late. Be sure to load yourself with lotsa tissue paper ... hahahaha.

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