Monday, December 3

A lousy lousy lousy shopping experience

A continuation from Food, Shopping and "Lucky" on a Saturday.

I enjoy shopping but I hate bad shopping experiences. This is one of it.

I received an invitation form HSBC to attend a pre-sale last Friday (30th Nov). I really wanted to go but work has been keeping me busy all month! It was really exciting to see so many branded goods going for such a good bargain so I decided to go with Kate on Saturday (1st Dec).

We arrived at the warehouse location in a hotel lobby at 3.30pm. The emotions and expectations were high. Cash and Credit Cards were "locked-&-loaded". Bloody hell, reach only must line up like prisoners.

Security was so tight that even an ant would not be able to cross the hall. Anyway, in the spirit and mood for great bargains, we waited patiently about 30 mins. Line by line, queue by queue until it was our turn.

Like I said earlier, it was tight security. We were only shopping for clothes, not jewellary! Need or not to put all handbangs in a tightly tied up frosted plactic bag?

After stepping in, all expectations went down the "longkang besar". How I wished next time you put up a note in your ad to say that "Mostly women wear, shoes and accesories that are out of fashion on sale. Men, don't bother cause products are limited and you will want to leave in 5 mins."

It was crowded. I took one glance at colours of clothings that are as good as faded. Ladies purse that has only 2 or 3 choices. Watches that were beyond the current trend. Jeans that are limited in size, only for people aged 16 or 56.

So please lah, make life easier for all of us. Be a bit specific in your ads. With that, do you think I will ever return? I shall let you answer that.

Summary, one lousy over-advertised warehouse sale. I only stayed for about 15 mins and I left without turning back except I gave a cock-stare to a b***ch who uttered "Hello sir, are you paying?" TNS, do I look like I bought anything?

This warehouse sale = BANNED from my list.


Anonymous said...

LOL poor you! :P

Alex said...

:) I am already "over" it hahaha

Damien C said...

cool. So when's the Tag Hoiya warehouse sale? Blogging is about sharing the good stuff too :)

Alex said...

Tag sale normally in Jan by special invitation. Will inform you about it if you buy me a TAG. HAhaha

Damien C said...

:( Where's the love?