Sunday, December 2

"Shokolingam" chicken rice!

This is the food review following-up from my previous post on Food, Shopping and "Lucky" on a Saturday.

When I go to Sungei Wang (pronouced as Soong-ngai Whang), 9 out of 10 times I will eat at Restaurant Teo Chew Chicken Rice. Yea, crazy right? What's so great? The chicken got "gold" ah?

I have been visiting this restaurant since my secondary school days, yeah so, its been here for more than 13 years! The food, quality and taste is amazingly still the same!

(I am so excited at this point that I am drooling about the chicken rice)

The constant craving to come back again and again to this restaurant is mainly because of:
(1) The way the chicken is deliciously prepared
(2) The sauce that goes with the chicken
(3) The chicken-based-soup (free-flow, self service)
(4) MOST IMPORTANTLY, "da" chilli sauce!

This is "da" chilli sauce. Your chicken rice will not be complete without it.

My food instinct tells me that "da" chilli sauce has a good blend of garlic, red chilli padi, green chilli padi, lotsa young fresh ginger and a balanced amount of vinegar.

This is how I eat it. When the bowl of hot soup is served, add a little chilli sauce into the soup. Stir it and sip the soup from the bowl ......... and "burpppp". Now that's doing justice the chilli and the soup! Feel free to refill your soup. The staffs here are pretty busy, so you can self-service. When you do so, you can scoup more wintermelons and chicken from the hot pot of soup.

Having the right chilli sauce is not enough. The chicken (roasted or steamed, kampong or the usual commercial chicken) is well prepared. I normally go for the roasted chicken. A slight salty taste of the gravy enhances your every bite and when complimented with "da" chilli sauce, you have a "shokolingam" bite of chicken rice every spoon of the way!

The proportion of chilli vs chicken is 40% chilli on 60% slice of chicken.

The generous portion of chicken served is satisfactory. I can normally "wallup" 2 plates of rice with 1 serving of chicken. You can also order tauge (nothing to shout about) and other "spare parts" of the chicken like gizzard (khai khan) which is neatly sliced into small pieces topped with a slight amount of pepper and spring onions.

A meal for 2 cost RM 12.88

Since this restaurant is linked to the teppanyaki restaurant, you can order your choice of teppanyaki and deserts (the famous dessert is the Fuji Snow - it is ais kacang but with a lot of ingredients served with a tall/huge amount of shaved ice).

Located on the 3rd floor of Sungei Wang, it is tucked in a corner next to Teppanyaki. It is oppossite some travel agencies and at the border of BB Plaza. Confused? Just take the escalator to the 3rd Floor, walk straight, its on your right.

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Des said...

i always pass thru there but never go dine in before... maybe the place is too packed and i dun bother to look thru..

shud try it one day!