Monday, December 31

Restaurant Hokkaido - Jalan Pahang, KL

It is hard to notice this restaurant which is hidden behind the streets of Jalan Pahang, KL.

Restaurant Hokkaido is brightly litted and displays a huge variety of fresh seafood, but not at an affordable price. Yes, it caters mainly to ang mohs and tourist that pack this place becuase it is situated near various 3 star hotels.

(An extensive variety of seafood of your choice)

(An extensive variety of vegetables too!)

(More seafood)

(This mixture of garlic, chilies and slight pinch of vineger is really unique and it goes well with any seafood, I think)

(Zhui Ha or directly translated as drunk prawns)

Of the 3 dishes that we ordered, the prawns were the best. Not only was it fresh, it was huge too! The soup tasted good and we are ready for more.

Then came the crabs. It was disappointing. The crabs were not really well prepared ... the crab meat was still soft and sticky. Yucky!

Although the gravy was nicely prepared, it did not complement the so-called-half-cooked crabs.

The best I think is always the "green". They can never go wrong with the "greens". This dissapointing dinner cost RM 78.30. Giving them the benefit of doubt, other seafood could have been better prepared.

Address: 60 & 68, Jalan Lumut, Damai Complex, Kuala Lumpur (Lookout for Vistana Hotel. It is located opposite the main entrance)
Tel: 03-4041 1316



Anonymous said...

Well, the display of seafood did look nice even if the end results weren't spectacular. I'm always willing to give a place a second try but no more than that.

"Once bitten, twice shy" --- right?

Happy 2008! :D

yammylicious said...

drunk prawn?! gosh so big! love it! the base should be tasted sweet ya?! yammmmmm