Wednesday, December 26

Pulau Ketam (just heavenly crabs!)

Last weekend, Kate and I went to Pulau Ketam for 2 reasons:

1) Visit her grandparents
2) Was craving for a fresh, big and cheap meal of crabs

(Fully air-conditioned ferry, half leather seats with in-house DVD entertainment)

Here is how you get to Pulau Ketam. Drive along Federal Highway and follow the sign "Pulau Ketam Jetty".

(It is not a rubbish bin. Traders are transporting seafood and other items from/to jetty)

There is ample parking space at the jetty. Walk to the jetty and wait for the ferry. (Ladies, bring along the necessities to protect yourself from the sun)

(No seats available at Port Klang Jetty. Boat arrives every 45 minutes. YES! Thats how long we waited)

It takes about 45 minutes to reach Pulau Ketam but it is worth the wait, just keep thinking about oversized crabs and really cheap seafood.

(Sampan parking lot)

It cost RM 7.00 for a one-way trip. You can buy your tickets on the ferry. The last ferry that leaves Pulau Ketam is 5.30pm.

(Life jacket are now unwrapped but hangs on tightly to the tray. Seems like the life jackets are more scared than us humans)

I am suprised that even after the recent ferry incident which claimed a few lives, we were all still not asked to put on the lifejackets and worst still, no one demostrated the usage of such life saving floats (touch wood) should anything happen.

I tried removing a life jacket from the tray above us, but after several attempts of pulling and pushing it, the life jacket was still hanging on tightly to the tray. KNN ... what kind of safety is this?!

(Fu yoh .... DVD!)

While I wasn't entirely happy with the life jackets, I was happy to know that we would be entertained (for at least 45 minutes) with some latest movies played on the in-house Cinema.

And guess what! ..... It was karaoke ..... karaoke in Hokkien! Wah lau ... tears nearly fell from my eyes. Here is a short video of what I had to watch for at least 30 mins:

(I am unlucky. While I was uploading my video on YouTube, I came across another Hokkien Song ... but it is damn hillarious, and vulgar!)

Anyway, back to my topic, I survived 30 mins of Hokkien karaoke and was eager to leave the ferry when it arrived at Pulau Ketam.

(Walking into Pulau Ketam busy area from Ketam Jetty)

While I was younger (yeah...donkey years ago), Pulau Ketam's road were not made of bricks but only on wood and many cockle shells. The villagers travel via bicycle or walk within the island.

(Its all about food in Pulau Ketam)

It was rather quite becuase we reached about 3.30pm. It is usually crowded during public holidays and lunch hour on weekends. Many tourist and food lovers visit Pulau Ketam for the fresh-iest seafood and WHAT ELSE? .... CRABS LOR!

(Dried scallops, sotong, fish maw are all for sale)

Along the entrance of Pulau Ketam, you can buy all sorts of dried seafood. Many people mostly buy FRESH seafood home. You will notice it when you see them packed in white ice-boxes and a smile on their face.

There is even a tourist guide.

There are many restaurants in Pulau Ketam. Eating at the wrong one would spoil your day. Restaurant Kim Hoe is highly recommended. If you come during holidays to eat at Kim Hoe without reservations, you would end up waiting for hours (I SWEAR!).

Since it was neither lunch or dinner, we ordered 3 dishes. We ordered the "siong tong la la". This la la was really huge and needless to say, definately fresh-ier than the ones I had in KL.

Then came the fish ball soup. Nothing special but the fish ball was fresh and delicious.

Finally the dish of the day was the crabs.

The yummiest crabs ever! Big, full of meat and fresh. What else can I say?

We left Pulau Ketam full of satisfaction and were already thinking of the next trip with a bigger appetite.

(It's always refreshing to have a view like this)



Kenny Mah said...

Yummy yummy crabs... Nice! An island adventure too to boot... :)

Alex said...

You should go too ... with an empty stomach and with a BIG seafood appetite.

Jackson said...

ok. Now i know where to eat when i go to Pulau Ketam

Alex said...

jackson: glad to be of help. Happy new year!