Saturday, December 22

Restaurant Loong Kee, KL

The streets are quiet at night opposite GH (General Hospital) but right opposite it, there is a restaurant which is always packed with food lovers.

Yes, Restaurant Loong Kee.

The seats are all placed by the walkway so bare in mind that the only smell of fresh air is the car fumes and good food, of course.

(The chefs whipping out our dinner)

(Salted egg yoke mantis prawn)

We were recommended to try this dish. No regrets! Generous amount of salted egg yoke is cooked with "shokolingam" mantis prawn to perfection.

(Close up shot before it goes into the mouth!)

It was mouth watering and we topped up another big bowl of rice to go with this dish.

(Yummylicious pork ribs)

Another recommended dish is the pork ribs ... can't remember the name of the dish but it was coated and cooked with a very tasteful sauce, never tasted anywhere else before! Don't miss out this dish!

As always, the "greens" as advised.

It was a satisfying dinner for 2 but at RM 38.90, I thought it was a bit pricey. Will I return? Hell yeah!


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Jon Chu said...

One look at the food drives me to hunger. NICE!!! haha