Tuesday, December 25

Festival of BALLS

(Think straight!)

It was a weekend to feast BECAUSE it was "Tung Zhi" or "Winter Solstice Festival".

Kate's mom is a great cook. She whipped up a feast for the family and she also made the biggest BALLS a.k.a "Tong Yuen" is have ever placed in my mouth. It was so yummy!

(Oversized balls)

Did you ever wonder the origins of such BALLS?

"Tung Zhi" is the thanksgiving festival of the Chinese calendar. It means “the arrival of winter”. It is an occasion for the family to get together to celebrate the good year they have had WHICH IS ALSO a reason to eat!!

"Tong Yuen" is a sweet gingerish soup of glutinous rice flour balls. Eating "Tong Yuen" symbolises family unity and prosperity.

(A meal without msg and Ajinomoto)

After "Tong Yuen", we enjoyed the best dishes ever, called Home-Cooked-Food.



Jackson said...

wow...yr BALLs is big!!! What a great get together dinner!

Kenny Mah said...

Yummy... nothing quite like oversized balls, lol.

Happy Tung Zhi, Merry Xmas and a Fantastic New Year ahead, Alex! :)

Alex said...

Jackson: I love my BALLS hahaha...

Kenny: Merry xmas to you too! Have a great year ahead!