Monday, May 12

AD: Marie Digby in-da-One Utama this week

(Photo taken from Google Images search)

Who is Marie Digby?

A young soung bird who made full use of to play her home-made music videos which attracted 6.6 million views!

I have to agree this hottie has the vocals that could bring the roof down. It is soothing and will not bore you to sleep (discretion advised). Checkout her famous rendation of Rihanna's "Payung/ Umbrella":

Catch her in-person this week:

and if you could be bothered to move your lazy bum, just checkout her Myspace.


Kenny Mah said...

Ah, the power of YouTube... Amazing how we can reach out to people these days...

Alex said...

I know! So Kenny, when you gonna do your own home video? Hahaha ... please remember to grade it accordingly you know ... (U) or (18SX).