Tuesday, May 13

Wah Kiow Hakka Yong Tau Fu (Non-Halal)

Having tried so many Yong Tau Fu places, Wah Kiow Yong Tau Fu (in my opinion) uses one of the most original ingredients.

According to the restaurant owner who has been operating here in Jalan Peel, Cheras for the past 20 years, Wah Kiow fish paste is what makes every bite different. It is made of fresh "sai-to" fish with added salted fish and some family secret recipe.

Wah Kiow is located along Jalan Peel, tucked along some wooden/zinc roof shop lot.

There is nothing spectacular among the menu except the fish balls and fish paste are made of 99% "sai-to" fish. I asked Wah Kiow owner how different would that be. He says, "some places uses a mixture of fish, which cost cheaper, which also makes the it taste powdery".

True enough! Ampang Yong Tau Fu's paste does taste a little powdery. Although I use to eat there, it seems the crowd has been lesser.

The famous franchised Hakka Yong Tau Fu (found in Bdr Sri Damansara, Selayang, Rawang and etc) is no where close to how delicious these Yong Tau Fu in Wah Kiow taste.

Apart from serving Yong Tau Fu, Wah Kiow also serves some delicious side dishes like curry chicken (according to the next table, the side dishes are equally good).

(Big boss at work - guy in red)

(Indoor but no air conditioning but definately better than sitting outdoor)

(Special writeups and appreances as a local celebrity)

(Price list)

Drive along Jalan Peel until you see a sign turning into a school. The shop is located on your left.

Business hours:
Wah Kiow opens everyday except Public Holidays. Business hours are from 10am - 8pm.

Contact number: 03-9283 7576


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Kenny Mah said...

I guess when your food is that popular, there really isn't much need to improve the premises ma... No air-con also can, just makan the Good Food.... ;)