Thursday, May 22

"Chow Park Kiuh" - Restaurant Aik Yuen (Non-Halal)

My sister has been bugging me to go try this "Chow Pek Kuih" at Restaurant Aik Yuen. So for the love of good food, I went on one Sunday night.

I was told "it's just behind Tawakal Hospital". What seemed to be pretty straight forward was indeed scary as I had to turn into some dark alley before seeing a bringly litted food stall with many people.

I was amazed.

For starters, we were recommended the fresh fish cake. Not too bad.

Then came the much publicised "Chow Pek Kiuh" - merely made of flour, sliced thinly about the length of your thumb, cooked in black sauce. I did not like it but it cannot be wrong as every table ordered.

Caution: Eat while hot, or else you would be eating rubber.

Next was "Chow La La". Nothing great, I prefer the one at Sea Park (have not blogged about it yet).

Then came "Fokkien Mee".

The home made chilli paste was-to-die-for. This goes well with any dish.

Overall, there was nothing much to shout about the food here. If you are curious about how famous the "Chow Pek Kiuh" is, drive to Hospital Tawakal in KL, turn right into a dark narrow alley after 7-Eleven.



yan said...

ugh* I have temptation for food now...Kinda miss all the hawker stalls ><
Nice blog on food!

Alex said...

Thanks Yan! Glad you like my blog. It's all for the love of good food! Haha

Alex said...

Thanks Yan! Glad you like my blog. It's all for the love of good food! Haha

Karen Tee said...

ello Goh!

Omg, all the food lover, welcome to the club man. Food food... nyum nyum... even got into The Star! You are famous now! = P

About the "Chow Pek Kiuh" I know this place in Jalan Klang Lama outside of Chong Wen school (exact adress not sure) has this specialty dish and another famous dish is "zhee hun ghen" (in hokkien) which is made up of tapioca flour. It's damn awesome!!

Everytime when I'm back in KL, that's a must for me! I'm so looking forward for all the yummy food again very soon!


Alex said...

Thanks Karen. I hope I am diong good food justice haha. About this place in Klang Lama, will try it out. Thanks for the input, we do all for the love of food, good food!