Wednesday, May 21

Restaurant Chan Thoong Kee - Out of this world Hor Fun! (Non-Halal)

Sometimes, suprises are what you get when you least expect them. It was a case of the typical Hor Fun Noodle.

It is not the Hor Fun that was different, but the fresh prawn wanton and soup that rocked our appetite!

We walked in and it was damn obvious what should be ordered.

The famous Fung Wong biscuits here are also very in demand.

It is a food satisfaction guarantee to see so many writeups hung on the wall-of-fame.

Chicken Hor Fun noodle - fresh prawns, tasty chicken shred and delicious soup.

Wan Ton Hor Fun - Tasty fresh prawns wantons and delicious soup.

It is not the size but the content that matters, in this case.

It was too irresistable not to order additional fresh prawn wantons.

To cool us of our appetite, we ordered the soothing "Lor Hon Kor" drink which was served in a very creative manner. It had longans, Lo Hon Kor and Lemons in a mini pot - what a good blend!

The menu.

I did not manage to try any biscuits but will surely be back for the Dry-Hor-Fun (saw the next table slurpping away, just short of eating the plate) and the freshly baked goodies.

Directions: Located near the Imbi wet market in Bukit Bintang area, opposite a open car park. Business hours is from 9am - 6pm daily.


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