Monday, May 26

Steam Fish Head - Sun Fock Wah Coffee Shop (Non-Halal)

Sun Fock Wah Coffee Shop is not the regular kopitiam you will expect - not the menu, not the location. Order your favourite toast bread and kopi-ping (iced coffee) and you will have all eyeballs staring at you.

This coffee shop specializes in Steam Fish Head.

It is tucked among some light industrial area in Jalan Chan Show Lin and under a HUGE tree.

What I love about this place is they keep the menu simple:

Boss: What style of fish ahhh?
Me: What style is good ah?
Boss: Kaali (curry) lor, garlic lor, ginger lor ... (mumbles a long list of other choices)
Me: Eh...ginger lah
Boss: Vegetable leh? (mumbles a few)
Me: Eh..."khai lan" lah

All you got to do is 1) order your fish and 2) vegetable. Simple! There are also other dishes but only upon asking.

The service here is very fast, despite the crowd. We only had to wait for less than 10mins, and we were ready to feast!

The fish was well prepared. It was not too cooked and it did not have any fishy taste or smell. The portion was good for 4 pax, although it was only me and Kate.

I observed that the type of fish head differs from table to table. Maybe you can ask if which type of fish head taste better if you are planning a visit here.

(Vegetable to balance each meal)

Sun Fock Wah Coffee Shop will be moving to a new premise beginning 1st July 2008.

Overall: Simple menu-hassle free, very fast service and cheap! The fish head, vegetable and drinks only cost RM25.00!


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