Tuesday, May 27

Uncle Lim's "kopitiam"

Modern "kopitiams" has really been the trend. To name a few, there are Bangi Kopitiam, Kluang Station and the ever famous Old Town Cafe, which seems to be mushrooming in every corner of town.

Uncle Lim's Cafe is no different. It brings back memories of what use to cost us cents for a good cup of "kao" coffee or tea, toast bread and delicious half boiled eggs.

I like Uncle Lim's Cafe simple offering. The menu is short without over-creativity in their choice of food. (Have you tried toasted-REALLY-brown-bread-with-vanilla-ice-cream at one of the "kopitiams"?)

Now to the food .....

We ordered Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang. It came with Sambal Sotong, which added more "umpphh" to the dish. The Ayam Rendang was good and the rice still had the pandan flavour, which keeps it original.

The Laksa was equally good. The curry was creamy, but lacked in ingredients.

We also ordered the kaya toast bread. I like the bread very much compared to some-famous-mushrooming-kopitiam in town.

To make every bite different, I tried dipping the bread in my Laksa. It turned out delicious! (Warning: Acquired taste advised).

(The blend of sweet-toasted-bread with soury and spicy curry gave every bite a heck-of-a-twist)

If you are thinking of getting your dose of nostalgic "kopitiam" taste, try Uncle Lim's Cafe at Ikano Power Centre.



Simon Seow said...

My friend say their curry mee is damn tasty wor.

Alex said...

It is, but lack ingredients only.