Tuesday, November 20

I still can ...

...cook of course. Got home early today and was not too keen of eating out, so I whipped out the food I bought from the Air Panas market last Sunday.

So I managed to cook up 5 dishes + 1 soup, for 2 pax.

The soup picture is missing. Drank most of it before I could take a photo.

(1) Fried cabbage with dried prawns and garlic. (Must have "greens").

(2) Steamed Ikan Bawal Putih (topped with red/green chili padi, garlic, onions and ginger)

(3) Ketchup prawns with garlic and onions

(4) Steamed egg roll with fish paste

(5) Fried prawns (simple yet delicious!)

Da dinner .......

Now, don't mess with the chef.

1 comment:

Damien C said...

Can you have a lady to pose with the prawns? It will complete the picture! =D