Sunday, November 25

Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant

I decided to treat myself to a Japanese Buffet lunch today after the agonizing therapy session with PE (after results as expected according to her). Kate and I went to Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant in Damansara Utama. The buffet is only available from 11.30am - 2.30pm on weekends.

We reached at 12.30noon. Walked in and we were ushered to our table. (Do call for reservations to avoid disappointment)

The ambience and setting is very relaxing and soothing. Only one thing kept me puzzled ... How can a Japanese buffet on a Sunday afternoon be so quiet? There were 2 floors and the amount the tables occupied is only a handful. Funny right?

(Side tables)

(Tatami room)

So we started with our orders.

(California hand roll)

(Sashimi - Tako, Salmon & Shiro Maguro)

The assorted Sashimi was fresh and it was served in a generous cut size.

(Nicely cut, thick slice of fresh salmon)


Luckily we ordered Edamame. It takes quite a while for the dishes to be served but the good thing is the dishes are hot (unlike Rakuzen where some were only luke warm or cold). So while we waited, we "walup" the green soy beans.


(Assorted sashimi - Ika, Suzuki & Kanpachi)

(Salmon skin handroll - without gohan)

We ordered a range of Hand Rolls, all without Gohan or rice.

(Saba Shioyaki)

The Saba grilled fish was the highlight. It was juicy and fresh.


Grilled chicken gizzard was really salty.

(Soft shell crab)

(Tofu steak)

(Tempura Mori)

(Kani Unatama Maki)

We were recommended to try this dish - fried unagi with tamagoyaki or egg omellete. We couldn't tell if it was really good because we were quite full when this dish was served.

(Salmon miso soup)

Damn kau "hum". This is miso soup with a variety of mushrooms and salmon.

Overall, the buffet selection is not as extensive as Rakuzen, but good enough to have to you enjoy a good spread of Japanese dishes. Just remember that dishes are served in a slower manner therefore, you may have to wait. Service is good and if you have HSBC Credit Card, there is an additional 10 -15% discount on ala-carte orders.

Address: Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant No 49G,Jalan 21/37 ,Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. Tel No: 03-7726 4410


Jackson said...

looks like u really love Japanese food!

Nothing more, nothing less said...

I do. Do share with me if you know of any other good places for a Japanese lunch/dinner indulgence. I would be more than willing to try.