Friday, December 21

BAD Kut Teh - Restaurant Sem Kim, Jalan Ipoh

I love pork. Period.

Sem Kim is one of my most patrionized BKT outlet but of late, quality is an issue.

Sem Kim used to be my favourite late night supper spot with some friends. The BKT soup was irresistable, but not of late.

Somehow it is no match to Restaurant Ban Lee.

(Onion rice still taste equally good)

(The "yau char kueh" is as hard as a rock. Avoid this at all cost)

(The hot pot style keeps the soup hot for only 1 minute. What a waste of time)

My BKT menu is always the usual combo of 3 parts:

1) G chang - I think its the thigh meat (minus the fat? HOW CAN!?)
2) G dou - Stomach (sliced very thin so you don't get the satisfaction)
3) G cheung - Intestines (very pepper-rish)

Of course, the "greens" again for a perceived balanced diet. It is oily so please tell them to put less oil and minus the onion toppings (it does not taste fresh).

Oh well, after that dinner, I bid farewell to Sem Kim for the last time.



IcedMilo said...

so this is BKT looks like..hehehe
Im a muslim and I are forbid to eat pork

Jackson said...

bad kut teh? hahaha...really bad!

Alex said...

Icedmilo: You should view my previous post on BKT at Restaurant Ban Lee to see more detailed pics if you want. Dont forget, there is Chik -en Kut Teh that you can enjoy too!

Jackson: Its bad bad bad (singing James Blunt ... i had a bad day ... la la la)