Wednesday, December 19

Jolin Tsai concert (PART 2) - Showtime..ZZzz

Concerts I have attended, although not many. After every concert, I will always ask myself the 1 million dollar question:

WAS IT WORTH IT? Just this time, HELL NO!

Last weekend, me and thousands of others watched a Taiwanese superstar perform live on stage.

Expectations were high and emotions were wild when she appeared before our eyes (not me but the bunch of people around me).

So she sang, danced and shook her bootie glaringly in front of VIP seat "suckers". It was what anyone would expect from any performence right?

Somehow, a few of us did not feel "turned on". There was nothing special, REALLY, except for her XXXS clothes.

The funniest part I recalled was she dressed in black, looked ready to belt out a techno-cum damn sentimental song but sang a fast-tempo-kiddy song. MCH .... nearly gave me a heart attack. Apalar ... dress to the music la puhleaseeee!

I was really dissapointed at this point as my hard earned money was just to watch her move/jump around the stage singing a few of the hit songs for 1 1/2 hour only.

For the record, this is shortest concert ever. Even when perverts shouted "ENCOREeee ....ENCOREee....", she came back to sing one song, waved goodbye and left. The band then immediately packed their stuff .... WHY? Rushing ah? Scared miss flight is it?

To add on to my frustration was these bunch of EXTREMELY DEDICATED and RESPONSIBLE underaged security people. All they do is walk up to your face (if so happen you were trying to take a picture), and flash you these UGLY signs:

They were so busy walking up and down giving you the "SIGN" but thousands of camera flashes were flashing away ... "yeh-nah-dehhhh".

So Kate and I left the hall, walked around and decided to redeem our concert tickets.

Although we did not leave with the exact redemption, it was good enough to cover our supper and quarter of the price we paid for our concert tickets ..... at least, it felt more satisfying then watching her sing.

With that, JT concerts are in my BANNED list.



Kenny Mah said...

Maybe she should rename herself for her concerts? Jolin Tsai = Jolin Sai (small) = Jolin XXXS? Not just the brevity of her costumes but her concerts? LOL

But I'm sure her die-hard fans were happy just to see her live. (I know I'd be happy to listen to Tori Amos read from the phone book, but then, I'm a fanatic, hehe.)

pamsong said...

I went for DT's concert last year and surprisingly... I was a liddle iddy biddy bit disappointed, too! It's just something about these Chinese singers, I think. Heard that Rain's was superb, though. Did ya go?

Alex said...

Kenny: She has a fan club (all dressed in pink) mostly made of boys. I think they enjoyed it the most, coz after her concert they were the only ones still in the hall shouting and screaming ... DOH! I wonder why? Haha

Pam: Rain was the best concert i ever attended. Although a bit pricey but it was really worth it. His performance was electrifying, just short of short-circuiting. Just minus the part where 90% of the crowd did not understand what he was singing :)