Thursday, May 15

Gen Japanese Buffet @ The Legend Hotel, KL

I love buffets. You pay and stuff yourself with food all night long. You enjoy the taste of the first few dishes and the rest are just to make up for the amount you paid - "eat lah, pay already what".

Kate and I went to Gen Japanese Restaurant at The Legend Hotel, KL as we were craving for Japanese Food. Gen has the reputation fo the Longest Buffet Dinner, which I think it should have better been referred to as Longest SERVING Buffet Dinner. Apparently, this buffet was so in demand that it has been available forever!

Gen Japanese Restaurant happens to be on the 10th Floor of Legend Hotel and it offers a nice view of the city. So remember to request for the city view when making reservations.

The place wasn't fully booked but the crowd were very obvious hotel guest (with their room slippers) and friends who gathered to have a great time.

The buffet section which was the center of attraction was definitely the "cold" dishes. The typical dishes were available: salmon, tuna, tako, oysters. One thing about the Oysters, although it is not as gigantic as the ones in Lemon Garden or Jogoya, it is fresh and fits the mouth.

Next was the Teppenyaki section. Reasonable spread of dishes but due to the lack of chefs, the poor dude had to cook as fast as he could to serve the long queue. Because of this, my Seafood Teppanyaki tasted very plain.

The tempura range was disappointing. Only prawns and vegetables. What happen to mushrooms? squid? fish? Damn!

I was full by now.

The Miso soup was suprisingly good.

Unagi was good. The rest was lousy.

More side dishes .... nothing much to brag about.

Ahhh ..... the desserts nailed the whole entire buffet session. The red bean macha ice-cream was very good. The selection and variety of cakes was awesome. The "tong shui" which is made out of longan, grass jelly and't remember the name of it, was so good that everyone was eyeing on this. Luckily I sat the closes to the pot.

Summary: It was a nice dinner with great views. I did not expect anything more than a great company. All that damage for RM69++ per pax.

Do make reservations before going to avoid disappointment:
The Legend Hotel (opposite PWTC)/ Tel: 03-4042 9888



Loh Jin Tiam said...

dude! i didnt know your into these things..wanted to do it couple of years back went i was traveling quite a bit and eating for 'free' but just too lazy hehe

Y-Maeda said...

Hello nice to meet you.
KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
Please link to this site !

Alex said...

Hey Loh, I got the hang of it last year while just trying to blog haha .... am hooked ever since ... well lets just say NO to BAD FOOD!

You are welcome to share your reviews be our featured Flogger. Cheers!

Alex said...

Hi Y-Maeda, thank you for the compliments. I visited your site but did not have the Japanese language pack installed. Any other ways for me to view the page? This is avoid my readers from having the same problem. Cheers!