Wednesday, May 14

Lin Yuan Steamboat Kitchen (Non-Halal)

Restaurant owners are getting more creative these days, and Malaysian's love creativity in their food.

I was at Lin Yuan Steamboat Kitchen at Cheras Queenspark to try the talked-about Pumpkin Porridge Steamboat.

Lin Yuan is located amongst many other steamboat restaurants in this area. The others (meaning next door and nearby) does not seem to be that much of an attraction.

This place is crowded. I had to wait a while before getting a table.

You will be given a few options as your soup base. Since I was here to satisfy my curiosity, I chose only the pumpkin porridge base.

It is easy to make your selections here with a pictured menu. Choose your sets and choose your add-ons.

The pork ball is a must try. It has a kind of salty, porky filing inside when you bite them. So satisfying!

The other must add-on is this pork + fish paste (i think). Just scoop the portion and size you want and cook it. It's like wanton, but so much better!

The sourish and spicy chilli rocks!

Apparently, to begin your steamboat fiesta, you need to add the eggs first. Normally, I only add them towards the end.

We were told the eggs actually makes the pumpkin porridge soup taste much better. Don't care la, whatever he said must be true.

This steamboat session turned out better than expected. The porridge was not too thick nor too watery. Just nice and the taste of all the ingredients thrown in really made the whole dish taste out-of-this-world, for a moment.

After going for a few rounds, got a little bloated. But if you like to try new things, do try the steamboat here. The service is suprisingly efficient.

I manage to take photos of various writeups.

And the directions can be seen below:



Kenny Mah said...

At first it looks kinda dodgy but by your last photo, I'm all for it! Yummy-yummy... Pumpkin + porridge + egg = Heavenly! ;)

Alex said...

Haha ... well i will improve my photo taking skills but the built-up was intended. Luckily it turned out "heavenly" for your :)