Friday, May 16

Ipoh Road Hakka Yong Tau Fu

Everyone is familier with Yong Tau Fu. It's even on wikipedia!

I was at Bdr Sri Damansara area looking to fill my stomach till I came across this growing franchise. I have been to the Titiwangsa and Rawang outlet. Both did not go well with my taste buds, but hey, I decided to give it a 3rd try (much regretted).

I am not complaining about the service or cleaniness but the food, particularly the fish paste. The paste just did not reach the expectation level....shouldn't it be tangy at every bite? The other thing was the gravy. Just don't know why it's not soup based but thick-gravy based. Haiyoh!

The "Shui Kow" or friend dumplings used the same paste, so needless to say, it was a turn off too.

The fish balls are the ultimate test to the fish paste. It was much better than the one I had in Ampang Yong Tau Fu, but still could not beat Wah Kiow Yong Tau Fu.

Side dishes are available. I ordered "chi pau kai" or Paper Wrapped Chicken. This one tasted good. They should focus more on the chicken than the fish-pasted-dishes.

Here is a price list taken from KY seems to think otherwise on the food.

Although it was not fulfilling Saturday lunch, I think some things just can't be duplicated or franchised. Just keep it original. People will go all the way to eat wherever they smell or read about good reviews.



KY said...

The "fish" paste actually has pork and hence the texture and taste. If you love pork then perhaps you might like it a bit more. :D


Alex said...

Thanks KY. Somehow Wah Kiow Cheras is better, have you tried? By the way, loving your food blog!