Saturday, May 17

Jalan Ipoh Prawn Noodle

Jalan Ipoh is well known for Bak Kut Teh and Dim Sum. I was doing some grocery shopping at The Store Jalan Ipoh and I stumbled upon a Prawn Mee stall ....... apparently patronised by MANY celebrities before!

The soup is out-of-this-world! It is tasty and not salty (unlike the one in Hor Yee Kee and Genting Klang version). I guess the only factor that differentiates all Prawn Noodles is the soup.

Generous amount of noodles and prawns were given. Most of the crowd here eats the large bowl, but since it was my virgin review here, better play safe than going to the toilet (you know what I mean).

Kate ordered Char Keoy Teow from a stall nearby. She gave two thumbs up for this. Sufficient ingredients given, she was happy.

(Apologies as the zoomed in photo is a little blur).

Oh back to the celebrities. I only recognised Eric Tsang.

It was a hot affair. The "Lin Chee Kang" cooled us down.

If you wish to find this place, try to drive along Jalan Ipoh till you pass by ING office and when you see The Store supermarket. You will also be passing by many Bridal shops. This stall is located at the row of eateries in front of The Store.

You can always drop me an email at for a more detailed directon (hopefully).


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