Saturday, May 17

Pig "Spare Parts" at Ah Heng Food Corner (Non-Halal)

We Malaysians love to eat especially the spare parts of the animals we eat daily. What used to be a delicacy is now a normal affair.

Ah Heng Food Corner promotes and embraces the love for pig "spare parts".

The most famous dish here is the pig's stomach or "G-thou" with a pepperish soup base. The slices of stomach given is suprisingly large and it is accompanied with chicken feet or "kai kiok".

Another specialty is the pig intestines with 3-layers-of pork. Equally huge and it makes every bite so fulfilling.

Other specialties also include wine chicken, curry chicken and etc.

Ah Heng Food Corner is tucked on a street corner along Jalan Tiong Nam, off Jalan Raja Laut. To get here, drive past Jalan Raja Laut. Turn into the junction directly opposite Bangunan PAS. You will not miss it as there are many side tables placed along the street.

Ah Heng Food Corner opens from 5pm till late.



edamame said...

All dishes look very delicious! I am interested in the food culture of your country. And I support your site. If there is time, please come in my site. From Japan

Alex said...

Thanks Edamame. You blog is awesome too, but i do not have the language pack that allowed me to read the text. Come to Malaysia, where you get to enjoy a diverse range of food. I would love to go Japan for a holiday + food trip too.

FabulousWendy said...

Wah lau.. i didn't know there was soooo much good food tucked away inside/outside/every corner of KL.. If only it's a drive away from KK ! haha, i love ur blog!

Alex said...

tqtq .... just doing this for the love of good food! :)