Monday, May 19

Yut Kee Restaurant - "Pork Bread" anyone? (Non-Halal)

(The following post is a recommendation by fellow reader - SQ. Thank you for the
"porky" lunch experience!)

Yut Kee Restaurant is one of the busiest restaurant in KL. I have passed by this shop many times but I never knew they served among the most delicious choice of dishes.

Apparently, this restaurant has been in the news many times for its' wonderful home-baked cakes and highly rated dishes.

Do you still remember the cast "Kopitiam" sitcom? - They came, they tasted, they were photographed!

We did not have to wait long for our table but the queue was not getting any lesser by 1pm. Suprisingly, the turnover of crowd here is very fast. Just be patient, and you will be attended to pretty fast.

Yut Kee Restaurant serves a variety of dishes but we ordered what was highly recommended by SQ.

"Lam Mee" - It looked ordinary at first glance but it definately tasted good. The blend of various seafood and the gravy made the dish stand out from many versions of "Lam Mee" that was tasted before elsewhere.

"Chicken Chop" - How could this be any different right? Try it! The chicken is cooked very well and topped with gravy which makes you wanting to go for round 2.

"Pork bread" - This was the highlight of our lunch.

Let's start with the bread. The bread is coated with egg and cooked till golden brown.

The shredded pork (not pork floss) is used as the filing. The combination of the pork and the bread and the way it was prepared makes it deliciously addictive.

Directions: The restaurant is opposite Wilayah Complex (near Sogo) in KL. Park at the parking lots or else your car may get towed or summoned. For more accurate directions, call owner at 03-26988108.

Thank you SQ for the great lunch. It was definately worth the wait, the sweat and ......


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