Tuesday, December 4

Kampachi, Pavillion KL

One can never be bored on the variety of food that you can find in Pavillion KL. There are plenty of makan-makan options on the LG Floor and 6th Floor. If you are looking for Japanese food (reasonably priced with very attentive service), try Kampachi.

(Kampachi from a distance)

(The seating area 1)

(The seating area 2)

The menu is not as extensive as any other Japanese restaurants but good enough to make you drool.

Sashimi is a must-lah for me. So my options were pretty limited therefore I ordered the Sashimi Set (RM 40.00).

(Crab roe + crabstick + "greens")

Gave it a good mixture, and it looks as good as a salad.

("La La" miso soup. Tasted good when served hot)

(Fresh-thick-deliciously sliced sashimi. While having this, Kate and I had the sudden urge to revisit Umai-Ya or Rakuzen for their Japanese Buffet)

(Mushroom + greens + carrot, nothing to shout about lah)

(Sweet, juicy fruits)

Kate ordered Unadon & Salmon (RM 30.00).

(A generous serving of unagi, thick and tasty)

(Deliciously served fresh salmon)

I have to comment about the service here. Kate and I were very satisfied by the attentive waiters. They treat you like you are eating is a "5 star" restaurant ..... they even pour the soy sauce for you before you eat! Hahaha ... now that's a first for me!

The desserts were very tempting. We tried Macha Ice-Cream special (RM 16.00).

It comes with fresh strawberries, sweeetttt green tea ice-cream, red beans and (the best part) with "mochi"!

(It tastes a lot better when eaten with the ice-cream and red bean)

I definately recommend this place. For RM 101.20, it was a worthwhile and fulfilling dinner for 2.

Kampachi is located on Level 6, Pavillion KL. (After this, Kate and I are craving for a session of Japanese Buffet!)


KY said...

oOo, very good price indeed. Shall try it one of these days. :D

Alex said...

Recommended. Good service, nice ambience and worthwhile.